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City Services

NOTICE: Emergency Service - Dial 911

Non-Emergency:  (712) 668-2221

When dialing 911, please stay on the line. There can be up to a 16-18 second delay

to complete the phone connection (due to router electronics).


Fire Department


Fire Board Members - Command Posts for 2015 
Chief - Greg Neville 
Assistant Chief - Carl Hemer 
1st Captain - Nate Neville 
2nd Captain - Jace Horsley 
1st Lieutenant - Joe Andrews 
2nd Lieutenant - Bob Webb 
Safety - Jim Harms 
Secretary/Treasurer - Caleb Christensen 
Foreman - Jace Horsley


The Odebolt Fire Department was first organized in the spring of 1880 and consisted of 40 volunteers and a hook and ladder outfit.  Today the department continues to serve Odebolt and surrounding area with volunteers from the community.  The Department celebrated its 125th year in June 2005.

Equipment includes full gear and air packs, hazardous material gear, and environmental hazard gear. The department uses water and chemicals for extinguishing blazes.


Vehicles include 1997, 1995, 1976, 1972 and 1968 Fire Trucks; Water Tanker; Rescue Unit; Slide-on Pumper, and a 1926 Antique Chevrolet Fire Truck.

Odebolt Ambulance


The Odebolt Unit 81-44, Sac County Ambulance was started July 6, 1978.  The first ambulance was donated to the service by Marvin and Margaret Stock in 1981.  In the fall of 1995, this ambulance was given to the Odebolt Fire Department and the county purchased a 1994 Ford modular ambulance for Odebolt.  The county-owned vehicle is housed in a city-owned building which was remodeled in the spring of 2001, adding much needed space.


The Odebolt Unit is a "Provisional-I" service and the Life-Pak 300 defibrillator is used. Squad members are on call for twelve hour shifts; each shift has three persons on call at one time.


Drivers: Dick Bloyer, Brodie Veit and Tammy Neuharth 
Members: Tonya Dupre, Paramedic; Jackie Marron, EMT-B; Kay Bloyer, EMT-I; Vicki Beckman, Paramedic; Bill Tysor, First Responder; Joey Hoefling, Nurse Exception; Kathy Stehr, EMT-I, retiring 2013; and Bill Stehr, EMT-I, retiring 2013
1st Responders: Marsha Tysor, Mike Hoefling, James Pierce, Mark Horsley and Jill Horsley


     The Odebolt Ambulance crew is in great need of new personnel.  We need both Drivers and EMT's.  This is an essential life-saving service that is being provided for the community.  It is the responsibility of the citizens of Odebolt to keep it going.  Please volunteer!

  • Drivers must have high school diploma or equivalent, a valid drivers license, an acceptable driving record, & be 18 years of age or older. 

  • EMTs must complete a course and pass state written and practical exams.

  • Please contact us with any questions:  
    Kay Bloyer 712-668-2895 (daytime) or 712-668-2814 (evenings); Vicki Beckman @ 668-4896; Tonya Dupree @ 668-2790

Sac County Sheriff's Department

Emergency  911
Non-Emergency (712) 668-2221

As of June 30, 2009, law enforcement in Odebolt was transferred to the Sac County Sheriff's Department.  On June 1, 2009 the Odebolt City Council voted to approve a 28-E City/County Contract and Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with the Sac County Sheriff's Department.  The Sheriff's Department will provide 24/7 law enforcement for the City of Odebolt.  Two deputy sheriffs live in Odebolt.  The City will also be served with a Detective Investigator as needed.


Sac County Sheriff's Office
Emergency: 911   
Non-Emergency: 712-662-7127
100 NW State St
Sac City, IA 50583-1750


Kenneth McClure, Sheriff, Sac City


Iowa State Patrol

Iowa State Sex Offender Registry

Iowa Missing Kids

D.A.R.E. Odebolt is a DARE Community (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Drugs of Abuse (Denison PD pages)

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