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My Odebolt

What does Odebolt mean to you?


My Odebolt is a place for residents to share ideas about what they love about Odebolt and what could make it even better. We welcome your feedback! If you have photos to share, please make a note of that, too.


If you're a former resident, what are your favorite memories of living in Odebolt?


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Submitted Memories

Growing up in Odebolt during the mid 1930s the stores were all open in the downtown area on Wednesday and Saturday nights, making those particular nights most exciting to me. Lots of people, bright lights, cars driving up and down the main drag, people visiting one another and summer band concerts on Wednesday nights. Great memories!!

- John Ellis

My grandparents, Fred and Margaret Einspahr were long time residents of Odebolt. I would spend my summers in Odebolt with my mother, Margaret Ann Einspahr Gilbert and father. Early memories include 'getting' to detassle corn, walk the beans and fishing. It was a special treat to go to the drug store for a fountain soda, or to check out a book at the library. One other vivid memory was playing on the long log swing at the school.

- Barb Gilbert Smith

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